2017 Barbell Club only

  • Barbell Club is for those who want to improve their technique in the Olympic lifts. It's perfect for beginners as well as advanced athletes

2017 Individual M2M

  • Individual Unlimited Monthly CrossFit Membership, No Contract

2017 CrossFit + Barbell

  • Individual Unlimited Monthly CrossFit Membership + Barbell Club

Attendance Packs / Punch Cards

Sign Up!

  • 0 Attendance Pack

    Select this option if you are signing up for the Family Plan or one of our discounted memberships. We will add the appropriate membership to your account after you sign up.

Drop-In + T-Shirt

  • 1 Attendance Pack


Drop-In 2 Days

  • 2 Attendance Pack

    Allows for 2 Drop-In workouts to our regular CrossFit classes

Drop-In (4 Pack)

  • 4 Attendance Pack

    Allows for 4 Drop-In workouts to our regular CrossFit classes

December On-Ramp (7pm)

  • 16 Attendance Pack

    * Holiday Discount! 25% Off *
    ** Must be signed up by 11/23 **
    Class meets every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 7pm-8pm for 3 weeks. This attendance package includes 9 required On-Ramp beginner sessions and 1 free week of our regular CrossFit classes

10 Class Punch Card

  • 10 Attendance Pack

    10 sessions of regular CrossFit classes

Fast-Track On-Ramp

  • 17 Attendance Pack

    3 one-on-one sessions + 2 weeks of CrossFit classes. This option must be coordinated with a CrossFit Sworn staff member. Please inquire before purchasing this package.